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M.K. Diamond    4" Lapidary Trim and Tile Saw
Includes both lapidary and tile saw blades

MK145 Lapidary trim saw
Check out these features
Simple, Easy to use. Water cooled.
(1) 4"x.020 303 Professional continuous rim diamond lapidary blade
(1) 4-1/2" x .060 continuous rim diamond tile blade.
Built-in miter table allows for the cutting of precision 22º and 45°.
Easy alignment precision rip guide can be used on either side of blade.
45 degree rip guide for diagonal cuts.
Built-in MK-Safeswitch™.

Lightweight, 11 lbs.
Full 1/2 H.P., 4.0 Amp., 115V  5,500 rpm Motor.
5/8" arbor.
Large table area. Apx. 15" square.
1 Year Warranty.

(reg. $189.00)

MK-170     7" Trim and Tile Saw

MK-170 Trim Saw MK-170 Features:
High-torque 1/2 hp motor
High-impact thermoplastic water reservoir
MK-Safeswitch™ prevents saw from being operated when locking key is removed
7" 303P diamond blade, rip guide, sharpening stick & submersible water pump included
One-year limited warranty
Motor 1/2 hp, 120V
Amps 5
RPM 5,500
Blade Capacity 7" (178mm)
Arbor Size 5/8" (16mm)
Length of Cut 12" (300mm)
Depth of Cut 2" (51mm) 
LxWxH (inches) 17" x 14" x 12"

MK-170 Included Accessories:
7" x .067 303P Diamond Blade
60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Sharpening Stick
Submersible electric Water Pump
Rip Guide

(reg. $289.00)

Hi-Tech 4 / 5 inch Trim Saw

Hi-Tech 4 / 5 inch Trim Saw
The 4"- 5" Trim Saw is the perfect machine for trimming out cabochon pre-forms and valuable faceting material. It can be used with either a 4" or 5" diameter saw blade with a 5/8" arbor. The large 9" x 6 1/4" table has no inhibiting lip, making it easy to trim oversized slabs. The blade cover can be raised if necessary to accommodate larger pieces. the front splash guard is removable. The saw housing is made from unbreakable cross-linked polyethylene and the housing is guaranteed for life. The 1/4 HP variable speed direct drive motor is fast enough to use ultra thin diamond blades and powerful enough for sintered diamond blades. The removable table top makes clean up quick and easy. Made in the U.S.A. With 4 " Blade
(reg. $361.00)

With 5 " Blade
(reg. $365.00)


Hi-Tech 6 inch Trim Saw
Complete with 6 inch diamond blade

Hi-Tech 6 inch Trim Saw
American made 6" Trim Saw is ideal for trimming facet material, opals and rock slabs of all types. The saw table has a large working area measuring 15" x 9". The durable housing is made of unbreakable cross-linked polyethylene which cannot rust. The housing and all plastic parts are guaranteed for life. This unit is equipped with a heavy duty direct drive permanent magnet 1/4 Hp motor with sealed ball bearing. 5/8 inch arbor. The RPM ranges from 800 to 3400. Made in the U.S.A.
"Includes 6 inch diamond blade"
(reg. $439.00)
Hi-Tech 6 inch Trim Saw with Vise Assembly
Hi-Tech 6 inch Trim Saw with Vise Assembly.
"Includes 6 inch diamond blade"
(reg. $539.00)

Covington 6" Mounted Trim Saw and Grinder

Covington 6 Mounted Trim Saw and Grinder Model No. 497FSM
The #497 mounted 6” saw and grinder comes complete with 1/3 hp motor, switch cord, 6” Covington Gold Series Diamond Blade and a 100 grit 6” x 1/2” grinding wheel for grinding gemstones. Adjustable guard fits both grinding wheel and blade. It's easy to interchange blade or wheel.  Saw comes with instructions and guarantee.  Size 24” x 12” x 10”

Ameritool 4" Trim Saw

Ameritool 4 Trim Saw Ameritool 4" Lapidary Trim Saw. Includes 4" fine cut diamond saw blade. Perfect tool for cutting valuable faceting material and pre-forming cabochons. The saw table is flat so it is easy to trim oversized slabs and removable so clean up is easy. The sturdy table measures 6" X 10". The saw housing is made of unbreakable cross-linked polyethylene - No Rusting, No messy oil, uses water only. The 1/4 HP equivalent variable speed ball bearing direct drive motor allows the saw to run fast enough to use ultra thin diamond blades and it is powerful enough for sintered diamond blades.  Arbor is 5/8". Dimensions: 11" L x 15" W x 7-1/2" H  - Shown with optional vise assembly. $349.00
.Ameritool 4 Trim Saw The Ameritool 4" Lapidary Trim Saw With Blade & Vise Assembly $435.00

Inland CraftInland DB-100 Diamond Band Saw

Inland DB-100 Diamond Band Saw Inland DB-100 Damond Band Saw Discontinued .
Extra / Replacement - Diamond Band Saw Blade - Fits band saws using 37.7 inch (96cm) x 1/8" blades. $48.00
DB-100 BladeSert BladeSert™ blade guide eliminates the need for upper blade guides by providing blade support where it most crucial. This enables the most intricate cutting possible with any diamond saw.
The BladeSert™ will wear with saw use and the slot that the blade passes through will widen over time. Using a worn BladeSert™ allows for excess play in the blade and the blade becomes more likely to break. How fast this happens will depend on use and your sawing style. You should check the BladeSert™ for wear each time you use the saw.
Replacing the BladeSert

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