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Sparex No. 2
Granular Dry Acid Compound for pickling, cleaning and removing surface oxidation, scale and incrustation from non-ferrou and precious metals (silver, copper, gold, duraluminum, etc.)

Sparex No. 2
  • Longer lasting, easy to use, safe replacement for dangerous sulphuric acid in effective cleaning and pickling of metals.
  • Minimizes hazards of acid burns, corrosive and poisonous fumes, hazerdous storage, accidents, etc.
  • Minimizes over-pickling, pitting, burning, wire brushing.
  • Produces smooth, clean, bright surfaces quickly and economically, without destroying fine detail or tolerances.
  • 10 oz. makes 1 QUART of solution.

Batterns Self-Pickling Flux
8 Ounce Bottle

Batterns Self Pickling Flux For over 50 years,the proven standard of quality. Makes hard soldering as easy as soft soldering. Use on gold, silver, platinum, and other metals with high melting points. Preserves temper and color of metal and the adhesive qualities of this liquid flux hold solder in place.

Dandix Paste Flux

Dandix Flux For use in low temperature brazing and silver soldering ferrous and non ferrous metals. Begins to dissolve oxides at 800 degrees F (427 degrees C) and is fluid active between 1100 and 1600 degrees F (593 and 871 degrees C). Contains no fluoride.
8 oz.
1.5 oz.

Honeycomb Soldering Board

Honeycomb Soldering Board Withstands up to 2000 deg. F. You can secure your work with pins or wire in the holes.

Magnesium Soldering Block

Magnesium Soldering Block Soft, fire proof material, into which work or pins can be easily pressed. Measures 6" x 3" x 1-1/2" (152 x 76 x 38 mm). Withstands temperatures up to 2000 degrees F (1093 degrees C).
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Tungsten Tip Solder Pick

Wood handle with pointed tip for placing, holding and positioning solder in just the right place. Tungsten tip.

Tweezers - See our Hand Tools page.

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