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Economy Mini Drill Press
Table top drill press. Ideal for small jobs for either metal smiths or lapidaries.
A great inexpensive bead drilling machine.

Mini Bench Drill Press
Wire Plugs UL Approved 
3 Variable Speeds: 
- 0 to 5000 
- 0 to 6400 
- 0 to 8600 
Work Surface Dimension: 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 
Maximum Drill Height: 7 1/2 
Spindle Travel: 1
Adjustable chuck: 1/32" to 1/4" (0.6~6.5mm)
Shipping weight - 14 lbs.
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Covington Model No. 605 -  Manual Gem Drill

Covington Model No. 605MGD - Manual Gem Drill A versatile, light duty drill press that can do fast, accurate drilling. Unit is powered by a 1/15 HP, 5000 RPM motor. Comes with 1/4" Jacob chuck and key, water pan, instructions and guarantee. Size 7"L x 4"W x 14"H. Shipping weight 10 lbs.

Manual Gem Drill Features:
High speed motor and foot operated speed control.
Lever operated with 3/4" stroke.
Bracket and motor can be quickly adjusted for height or removed and mounted horizontally to convert unit into a buffer or carver


Covington Model No. 600 - Automatic Gem Drill

Covington Model No. 600 - Automatic Gem Drill Electronic feed raises and lowers drill chuck automatically 1/4". The light pressure of the feed prevents damage to diamond coated drill bits, but does result in a much longer drilling time. 

Made for soft gemstone material such as glass or softer.  If drilling agates, petrified wood, or jasper use manual gem drill. 

Abrasive drilling: One can use drill tubes and 180 boron carbide grit which makes the Automatic Gem Drill very economical. The best advantage is that it is automatic and does not have to be manually controlled. 

Plastic putty holds the work piece. The putty can also serve as a dam to hold grit around the tube. Unit comes with 1/4" Jacobs chuck, two 1-1/2 and 2mm diamond drill bits, plastic putty, instructions and guarantee. Size 6"L x 4"W x 13"H.


Drill Tubes
For the Covington Model 600 Automatic Gem Drill

RDT601 2 each 1-1/2 mm (1/16") and 2 mm (5/64") and cleaner pin
RDT603 2 each 1/8", and one each 3/16", one each 1/4" and cleaner pin
Boron Carbide Grit

1 oz Boron Carbide Grit
Plastic Putty

CPP604 1/4 lb. Plastic Putty

Nugget, Bead and Pearl Drilling Vises
Nugget and Bead Vise Nugget - Bead Vise: With 3 inch diameter x 5/8" deep aluminum tank and vise. Holds beads etc. up to 3/4" for drilling.
Putty Vise: With same 3 inch diameter x 5/8" deep aluminum tank as above, 1" square block of plastic putty and 1/4" brass ferrule. Plastic putty holds the work piece and brass ferrule can act as a dam to hold grit or water when drilling.
Pearl / Bead Drilling Vise: The only way to get a good grip on slippery round items like beads and pearls. Holds 2 - 10 mm Larger Image

Mini Bench Buffer/Polisher
Mini Bench Polisher is an easy to use tool essential for professsional Jewelers and Artisans, and everyday use.

Mini Bench Buffer Mini Bench Polisher has a small 5" by 11" Base
The Variable Speed control allows you to adjust the speed of 2000 to 7000 RPM.
Comes with a Cast Iron Base, Anti-Vibration Pads, Mounting Hole, Two Tapered Spindles and Two Cotton Buffing Wheels.
Can be used with a variety of Buffing and polishing wheels. 
Arbor Size : Tapered Spindles: 0-18mm 
Polishing Wheel Size : Up to 3" 
Voltage : 110Ac, 60Hz 
Wattage : 200 Watts 
3 Prong, Gounded UL Power Cord
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Covington Model No. 466WBS Mounted Wet Belt Sander

Covington Mounted Wet Sander Model 466WBS This sander features a 1/3 HP, 110V motor and belt guard mounted on Lami-I-Cushion. Water valve and spray nozzle is built in for easy hookup. Water valve takes 1/4" O.D. plastic tube for gravity water flow or 1/4" copper tube for pressure system. Uses 3" x 24" size belts. If needed, drain system can be provided by 1/2" O.D. plastic tube. Just squeeze tube end and insert in drain port. Overflow can then drain from sander tank. Size 24"L x 12"W x 20H. Shipping weight 45 lbs.
(reg $595.00)

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